The restaurant

The original idea of ​​the establishment was the entrepreneur and tourist entrepreneur Girona Mr. Josep María Cunyat Montfort (died in Barcelona on February 18, 1996 at the age of 54) who dared and popularized the so-called "Celler El Museu del Vi" in the center of the Old Quarter of the City of Girona in a sad and gray city that tried to take a step forward within the monotony of manners of the time. Previously there was a famous inn on the Cort-Reial Street No. 4 called "Fonda Can Garganta" run by the artist and intrepid Mrs. Josefa "Pepita" Garganta and her family. In a small adjoining room there was also a barber shop. Mr. Josep María reformed the two premises and one day in February 1974 he inaugurated the new premises.

The current owners acquired the premises in 1977 and on June 8 of the same year, after some minor renovations, they started their activity. From that moment the bar changed its focus and has evolved to the present. He has not always done the same task. They have been focusing some of their activities to adapt to the demands of the people. The place has also undergone some reform (1985) to improve it and expand it in these years.

At first the main clientele were the military, especially recruits who came from all parts of the peninsula and even from the Islands since the Military Government was nearby (now there is the Faculty of Arts and the Library of the University of Girona). There were also the Barracks of the Carretera de Barcelona and Emili Grahit Street. This clientele was joined by an active youth and students of the new University who tried to make their way in a time full of changes as the transition to the new political system in the form of democracy filled the population with freedom but also a lot of uncertainty. The star product were the carajillos, the coffees and the famous wine of mass.

Later, with the disappearance of the military barracks, the main activity of the premises had to be changed to attract new customers. Then the model of the coast was imported to Girona creating a nightclub where people came to spend time with their friends while they drank. It was the previous step to go to the disco. It had great acceptance because at that time there were not many businesses dedicated to this activity in the city and people chose to make a tour between El Museu, La Fusta, Gats, L'Angelot and La Trunfa (other local bars in the area ). It became a place of reference to the point that there is no one in Girona and province that has not had a few drinks at El Museu at that time. The restaurant has always been dedicated to the restoration, cooking typical food of the area but this facet was not well known due to the great boom that represented the other facets of the place. At present there are many nightclubs in Girona and people have been distributing by lowering much activity at night. Now many of the people who had come to drink at El Museu come with their children to lunch or dinner recalling past years with unforgettable experiences. It is gratifying on our part to feel how people have so many good memories of us.

The place has a fairly large terrace and summer is the best time to enjoy it fully, even at night. Also, due to the capacity of the place and its situation within the city, it is an ideal place for group or business meals. We hope you will visit us someday and share a moment with us.

  • ''LOS SITIOS'' de GIRONA. 26-4-1974

    ''LOS SITIOS'' de GIRONA. 26-4-1974

  • ''LOS SITIOS'' de GIRONA. 26-4-1974

    ''LOS SITIOS'' de GIRONA. 26-4-1974

  • Cort-Reial (1910)

    Cort-Reial (1910)

  • Cort-Reial (1920)

    Cort-Reial (1920)

  • Cort-Reial (1940)

    Cort-Reial (1940)

  • Cort-Reial. Corpus Cristi (1968)

    Cort-Reial. Corpus Cristi (1968)

  • Cort-Reial. (1960)

    Cort-Reial. (1960)

  • Cort-Reial. (1963)

    Cort-Reial. (1963)

  • Cort-Reial. (1990)

    Cort-Reial. (1990)